Two Person Salsa Registration

Two Person Salsa Registration

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L O V E salsa music?

Always wanted to learn salsa, but don't have a partner?

Have a partner, but never knew where you could begin learning the steps?

WE have THE answer; and it all takes place at our dance studio :)


Register for our beginner Salsa classes with friends, family or just yourself! These classes available for beginners with little to no experience. No previous experience or partner required ;)




11:30am-1:30pm- learn your Salsa basic steps, salsa musicality, history and timing


1:30-3:30pm - take a lunch break and enjoy the restaurants, shops and beautiful landscape in Milwaukee's Lower East Side (many activities are within 5 minutes or less walking distance of our studio)


3:30-5:30pm learn how to dance with a partner by learning social dancing connection technique and fundamentals. The goal is for everyone to leave at the end of class feeling confident and comfortable social dancing salsa with the proper timing recognition and dance technique.


You will be learning material we normally review in an 4-week period (Salsa Beginner 1 content). This May Salsa Workshop will allow any student to be able to move on to the next level (Salsa Beginner 2) the following month.


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