salsa wednesdays

Learning Salsa or improving your level takes practice and discipline. We help take the stress away and add the FUN with our 4 week series.

All registrations include 4 weeks of instruction: one hour per week for 4 weeks. When you register you are paying for a total of 4 hours for the price listed.

Beginner I

Wednesdays 6-6:55pm

You Will Accomplish:

- Basic salsa steps & right turn for lead & follow
- Social dancing partner work connection
- How to understand the instruments played in a Salsa song
- Cross body lead

This Beginner I class is for anyone with very little to no experience. A partner is not required. In this class you will learn not only your basic Salsa steps, but also learn about the different instruments that make up a Salsa band. We will train your ears to be able to identify the heart beat of a Salsa song; the congas.

beginner II

Wednesdays 7-7:55pm

You Will Accomplish:

- Modified basic steps
- Left turn footwork
- Deeper level of Salsa musicality
- Outside pass
- Reverse cross body lead

This Beginner II class is for anyone that has a strong foundation in 'Mambo'/Salsa On2 timing and basic step. A partner is not required to take this class. You must have previously taken our Salsa Beginner 1 class to move on to Beginner 2. 


Wednesdays 9-9:55pm

you will accomplish:

- Double Turn technique & execution
- intricate footwork/shines patterns
- Upper body movement technique (torso & arms)
- Hammer locks, combs/drapes & checks
- social dancing more consistently on time

This Intermediate class is for anyone that is familiar with Mambo/Salsa On2 that has a strong foundation of their On2 basic, who can dance On2, with proper timing, to medium-paced Salsa songs. No partner required.

our style of salsa

The style of Salsa that we teach is called "Mambo" or Salsa On2. There are many different styles of Salsa that exist, but we focus specifically on Mambo. Many other studios in our city teach Salsa On1 and we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to learn more than one style in Milwaukee.

Our instructors & studio owners have been training in Mambo for over 6 years! They continue to train and travel throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico; in order to bring more technique, movement fundamentals, and history to Milwaukee dancers. 

What to Wear/Bring?

- Comfortable clothing to dance in
- Positive attitude :) 
- Water bottle
- Comfortable NON-street shoes (Latin dance shoes, jazz shoes, ballet flats, socks, barefoot)

(street shoes are forbidden on our dance floor)

Class Guidelines

Classes are 55 minutes each. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to allow our staff to properly sign you in and make sure your account is up to date.  

  • Discounts available to students currently enrolled in classes full-time (12 credits or more); with a valid student ID and proof of current semester class schedule. Must show to studio staff in person for verification. Please email us for details:

  • Salsa Bachata classes are a 4 week series. If you cannot attend 1 of the 4 weeks, that missed class will not roll over to a different month. Students will receive recap videos of what was taught via email after each class.

 No class credit transfers may be made to anyone . Classes unused from the reached expiration day will not roll over to the following month. There are no refunds for class purchases, and the Studio will not prorate a cancelled multi-class card.