rent daync studio

Daync Studio is available for your next dance event (public or private), public class (for profit or free class), workshop, private lesson, or rehearsal! Pricing for all categories are available on our Mobile App

Weekly Public Class (for profit): 35/hour

Workshop for Profit (one time only): 35/hour

Workshop (free to the public): 20/hour

Group Private Lesson (3 or more people): 25/hour

Private Lesson (2 people- instructor & student): 20/hour

Rehearsal (3+ people): 20/hour

Rehearsal (1-2 people): 15/hour 

Public & Private Events: pricing varies; please contact us

*for profit - meaning you charge a fee/admission to anyone who wants to participate in your class/workshop/event

Our policy for any and all rentals is that each rental must be paid in advance, before the day of the rental. For all rental requests for more than one month, payment must be made monthly; before the upcoming month. For example: if a rental request is for the months of December and January, payment for the month of December must be made in November and payment for January will be due at the beginning of December. 

Our process for rentals is that all tenants sign a rental agreement and agree to all studio terms and rules. fines do apply when rules are not followed. Tenants will be asked to include a copy of their driver's license/photo ID for submission with the rental agreement. 

rentals may arrive up to ten minutes early, before their class/event begins. If you need more than 10 minutes to set up, you will be charged an hourly rate for the extra time needed.