Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which dance styles are available?

A: Salsa, bachata and hip hop are available!

Salsa and bachata classes are for anyone ages 18 and up (teens 15-17 may take the class with written permission from a parent/legal guardian).

hip hop classes are for ages 18 and up (children 14-17 may take the class with the ACCOMPANIMENT with of an adult/legal guardian).

kids hip hop is for ages 6 through 12; with the flexibility of 5 years old being the youngest age as long as the child attending the class is comfortable.

* no exceptions will be made for children under age 5


Q: How do I pay for a class?

A: You can pay for a class through this website (debit or credit card), our mobile app, or in person when you walk in!


Q: Do you offer private lessons?

A: Yes; privates are available in salsa and bachata with Amber Rivard and Joshua Burgos. Book a private with Joshua and Amber by sending an email to All who are interested in salsa/bachata privates must be able to use use their private lessons up within a 30 day span. 

For hip hop privates, Christopher Gilbert is available. Please contact us to get Christopher's contact information. 


Q: Do you rent your studio for other classes, rehearsals or events?

A:Yes we do! You can visit our rental section of this website for details. 


Q: What levels of classes are available?


hip hop:

We offer a 6pm Hip Hop Fundamentals class and a 7pm beginner-intermediate choreography based class; all taught by Christopher Gilbert. 

beginner/intermediate - open to anyone who is interested in taking the class (new choreography is taught each week)

   Kids - beginner - open to any child between the ages of 5-12 years old

* no exceptions will be made for children under age 5


   Beginner 1: little to no experience

   Beginner 2: 1-2 months of experience

   Intermediate: 3+ months of previous experience