8 Class Pass

8 Class Pass

65.00 112.00

HIP HOP CLASSES (this pass may be used for any of our weekly hip hop classes)

- Hip Hop Combinations 6-6:55pm (Mondays)
- Fundamentals of Hip Hop (technique): 6-6:55pm (Tuesdays)
- Tuesday Hip Hop (all levels): 7-7:55pm

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What Should You Wear/Bring?
- comfortable non-street shoes (jazz shoes, ballet flats, socks, non-street shoe tennis shoes)
- comfortable clothing to dance in
- positive attitude :) 
- water bottle

Valid through December 2018. Only one pass allowed per person. Non-refundable. Non-transferable. Discounted pricing ends Wednesday October 24th 2018. Limited number of passes available; first come first serve basis.